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Kennebec Wood offers one-of-a-kind end grain wood flooring for discriminating residential and commercial buyers. We use character grade heartwoods and under-utilized species which are "rescued" and recycled. We carefully select these woods to celebrate that character - coloration contrasts, grain swirls, and knots - which is showcased beautifully in end grain exposure. Each floor is as unique as a fingerprint, its beauty dramatic and enduring.

Examples of end grain wood floors can be found around the world - in European palaces and cathedrals, Caribbean plazas, and in American hotel lobbies, schools, and museums. Since the 1800's, factories throughout the world have used end grain construction for the superior hardness and wear resistance gained from end grain exposure. Our floors offer the same durability as those centuries-old floors. And our floors can be refinished throughout their thickness, unlike conventional flooring that has typically less than 25% of its depth as useable wear surface.

We pre-seal our floors on all surfaces to create a moisture barrier that stabilizes the wood floor and draws out its natural beauty. This treatment penetrates many times deeper than on conventional floors, and offers a base finish that is compatible with water based, solvent based, and traditional wax top coats.

The combination of unique beauty, durability, and versatility make our floors heirloom quality installations, floors to enjoy for a lifetime.

Installation Made Easy
Kennebec Wood floors are available in a variety of species and geometric patterns, pre-formatted on mesh backing for ease and speed of installation. The installation process is similar to that of ceramic tiles - a comfort to contractors. Kennebec Wood also offers an environmentally friendly, resilient, cork based grouting system that complements the flooring, absorbing slight movements of the wood through the seasons.

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